Orange Ladybird (16–spot) - Halyzia 16–guttata
Family - Coccinellidae

Orange or 16-spot Ladybird - Halyzia 16-guttata, click for a larger image
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Grows to about 5mm (0.2in) found over some parts of the UK in increasing numbers usually in conjunction with Sycamore or Ash trees.  Bright Orange in colour with a variable number of white spots usually 16, but can be 14, orange head and legs, black eyes.  Over winters in a sheltered space in tree trunks.  It is attracted to light and is often found in moth–traps.

Was considered a rare species of ancient woodland usually Oak, but in the last twenty years there have increasingly been more sightings of it, becoming more common in Hampshire and Surrey, and is now more likely to be found on Sycamore and Ash than Oak.  It feeds on the white powdery mildew of broad–leaved trees and as this flourishes in shady places the Orange Ladybird is more a woodland insect rather than that of woodland edges or scrub.  Botanical description for Gutta

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