22–spot Ladybird - Psyllobora 22–punctata
Syn. – P. vigintiduopunctata
Family - Coccinellidae

22-spot Ladybird - Psyllobora 22-punctata, click for a larger image, photo licensed for reuse CCASA2.5
Photo ©2006 Olei
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The 22–spot Ladybird is another common species to Western Europe and the UK (rarer in Scotland and Wales), found in in long Grasses and low growing vegetation in fields, meadows, gardens and grassy areas but unlike other Ladybirds it feeds low to the ground on mildew, especially that from umbellifers such as Hogweed, Cow Parsley and Ragwort.  If these are not available the 22–spot Ladybird can be found feeding on Thistles and Oaks.

It is a very small ladybird, 3–5mm (0.11–0.2in) long, a vivid bright yellow with 22 usually unconnected black spots, 11 to each Elytra (wing cover).  There are two colour variations, with a yellow or a white pronotum that in itself also has 4 black spots arranged in a semi–circle leading to some thought that the species should be a 26–spot ladybird.  It will usually be seen from April to August.

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