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Rather unexpectedly Brickfields Country Park found its self featured in the Autumn edition of a new publication distributed free around the borough - The Word.  With some lovely photos of the park and an excellent write-up we were most surprised to find this through our letterbox.  We have contacted the publishers and they have let us re–publish the article here. (Text and pictures courtesy of The Word)

The Word front cover photo, click for a larger image The Word internal photo, click for a larger image

Country Park is a world of wonders.

Brickfields Country Park must be one of the UK's smallest natural parks but it is a patch of Aldershot to be proud of as it boasts and array of flora and fauna, including several Biodiversity Action Plan protected species.

Tucked away off Boxalls Lane, this quiet green space reclaimed from the remains of a Victorian brickworks and clay diggings is still relatively unknown.

When the brickworks and drying ovens fell out of use towards 1930, the site was largely neglected, used latterly as a refuse dump.

Its fortunes turned around in 1983 when Rushmoor borough council adopted a plan to transform the waste land into a nature park.

Thirty years later and the park, though small, lists species, seven of which are verified Biodiversity Action Plan species, ranging from invertebrates to amphibians and birds. These include the Pearl Bordered Fritillary butterfly, Stag beetle and Tree Sparrow which have been identified for conservation.

One new species added to the country park's list is the familiar but declining Honey Bee - which is good news for everyone who is concerned about their plight.

A healthy population of ducks at the pond will come out of the water to meet you and make for a happy hour's pottering with young children who want to toss some bread in their direction.

HIDDEN GEM - views from around Brickfields Country Park.

The park is now managed by The Friends of Brickfields Country Park in conjunction with Rushmoor Borough Council.

The group meets regularly to carry out work tasks such as rubbish clearance to building new pathways.

The group is associated to the Blackwater Valley Partnership which, in turn, links to other conservation groups across the country to gain training an advice from others in the field.

Work parties gather on the first and third Sundays of the month from 12:30pm in the winter when "Friends" members might be joined by volunteers for a couple of hours working on a specified task.

Everyone is welcome to join the work party as no special skills are needed, so anyone with an interest in their local environment, or those who just want a local green space to enjoy, can find out more about Brickfields Country Park, its wildlife or how to help via the website at

If you see any vandalism, damage or disturbance in the park, please do not get involved, but phone the Police on the usual numbers -

If you have any news for Brickfields Country Park please e-mail at The Friends of Brickfields Country Park.

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