Recent news - 1st December 2011

Help from local companies

A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by one of our neighbours on the Highfields estate.  New to the area they had taken a walk to the park to see what was there.  Having seen the repairs to the paths we had installed a few months ago they contacted us with a suggestion, did we want the several tons of shingle that they were about to have carted away.  It turned out that they had recently moved into a house that had "Brighton Beach" as a back garden - all of the back garden had been cleared and covered with shingle, probably getting on for fifteen tons of the stuff!  We went to see the resident to discuss what they wanted to get rid of and how it might be accomplished, with the end result being we could have five tons of the shingle if we could shift it!

Now five tons of shingle will help us to make good some of the muddier paths we have in the park, but how to move it? by barrow if we have to, but that would take us some time and much hard work.  We had a one ton bag in stock, but even then our trailer could only move one bag at a time and to get it out of the garden it would need lifting over a six foot brick wall.

Eventually we decided to call several local companies to see if they could help in some way with bags and transport - all of those approached came through and willingly gave time or materials to help us out with this project.

Many, many thanks to the companies below for helping.  Our grateful thanks go to them –


We can only again stress our thanks to these companies for helping out, for without the help of local businesses and organisations we would at times be unable to do some of our work in the park.  Our grateful thanks go to them –

Contact information -
B&Q logo B&Q -
Invincible Road
Farnborough, Hampshire
GU14 7SS
Tel - 01252 379600
Covers logo Covers -
Unit 6 Blackwater Park,
Holder Road,
Aldershot, Hampshire
GU12 4PQ
Tel - 01252 320554
Fax - 01252 341279
Keybur logo Kebur Garden -
Lynchford Lane,
Farnborough, Hants.
GU14 6JD
E-mail -
Tel - 01252 517571
Fax - 01252 377793
Wikes logo Wikes -
13B Invincible Road Industrial Estate, Farnborough, Hampshire
GU14 7QU
Tel - 01252 510251
Fax - 01252 549536

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