Recent news - 6th June 2000

Newts, Geese, Moorhens, Terrapins (again), vandalism.

Newts .....
The Newts have not been seen so far this year, and this is about their most active time of year.  This is disturbing but in keeping with the gradual loss of wildlife from the pond that we have seen in the last few years, expert advice is that this is most probably due to the terrapins.  Work by FBCP over June & July should see their population reducing providing the weather improves so that they are out basking and can be caught.

Vandalism .....
The paint vandalism to the rocks a few weeks ago (gallery photos #3/25) has been removed and the culprits dealt with, they should have known better one would have thought being in their late teens.  The cycle ramp problem has returned, with bigger holes appearing where they have dug for materials.  The agreement made with the ramp builders obviously has not been kept on their part so they will be dealt with when next we find them.

Geese wars .....
Two Canada Geese settled into life in the park recently raising four to five goslings from a nest on one of the islands, they obviously felt secure there in spite of the local terrors throwing stones at them!  They had been to the pond in previous years but this is the first year that they have settled to breed.  Unfortunately within a few days both the Geese and their young had disappeared.  Local residents report having seen the Heron harassing the goslings with the parents putting up a spirited defence, however the Heron would seem to have won - that's (wild) life.  It would seem that the ducklings have suffered a similar fate this year, but they should breed again later on.  The Geese did return about two weeks later for a few days but did not stay.

Moorhens .....
On a happier note the Moorhens have produced a clutch of six young, who, at the time of writing seem to be thriving, we will keep you posted, providing the Heron leaves them alone.  Whilst talking of the Heron see the photos taken last month of the Heron fishing in the pond, they are not great quality having been taken in a hurry.

2000 Fun Day .....
The Fun Day for this year confirmed for Sunday the 2nd of July, 11:00am to 4:00pm.  Held again in the park, Boxalls Lane, Aldershot.  (location map) - Local environment groups, stalls, face painting, games, cakes, refreshments, ball pond & more.  Free admission.  Phone 07979 958020 or e-mail for information.

Green Family Sunday .....
We will also be at The Rushmoor Green Family Sunday on Sunday the 23rd of July, 10:00am to 4:00pm.  Held in the Princes Hall & Gardens, Aldershot.  There will be local environment groups, stalls, children's amusements, games, refreshments, LPG vehicles, water efficient garden and much more.  Free admission. A special event on the day will be lectures and demonstrations by the TV presenter and naturalist Chris Packham.
Phone Les Murrell / Karen Fryer on 01252 398538 or 398764 for further information.  You can also Phone 07979 958020 or e-mail for information.

During August we will also be at the R.S.P.C.A. event to be held at Ash Green, Ash.  Free admission.  Details to be announced.

If you see any vandalism, damage or disturbance in the park, please do not get involved, but phone the Police on the usual numbers -

If you have any news for Brickfields Country Park please e-mail at The Friends of Brickfields Country Park.

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