Recent news - 23rd January 2000

Fly tipping, New waste disposal rules, Cycle ramps, No Fishing.

Fly tipping, New waste disposal rules .....
We have just learnt that Hampshire County Council have restricted the receipt of hardcore type rubbish at the local tip in Ivy Road, and also at Farnborough.  Advice to local residents in the past by Rushmoor Borough Council (sometimes in writing to a few people), has been to take their bulky rubbish to the tip and not to dump it in the park or elsewhere for that matter.  The new restriction, detailed in a leaflet handed out by the tip operators Onyx for Hampshire County Council & Integra with a "War–On–Waste" logo, states that "what will fit into a car boot is acceptable", however, we know of at least one case where a resident has been totally refused at the tip gates with less than a bootfull (six bags actually), being told "take it away and hire a skip, read this leaflet", the operators interpretation of this being "two bags only mate, and don't come back tomorrow with two more".

In the long term this action can only lead to more fly tipping of rubbish in places like Brickfields Country Park and Rowhills Reserve, as residents with small amounts of rubbish from their DIY activities will not be allowed to dispose of it at the local tip as it is not classed as "Household Refuse" but as Industrial Waste.  It does not take much to generate 3 bags of rubbish (about 3 cubic feet) from a small job like re–plastering a wall.  Apparently the Farnborough tip will take such material if you pay a nominal sum (50p per 20Kg or thereabouts), but who is going to drive to Farnborough with 3 bags of rubbish only to be asked to pay for it, nobody, it will just quietly get left somewhere.

Rushmoor Environment department are aware of the new restrictions, but other departments are not, and as Hampshire County Council say they are "monitoring" the new scheme over the next few months via the local council departments, they will probably come to the conclusion that the scheme is working well.  Local departments will not report what they do not know they have to report on! but undoubtedly some of them will see a rise in their clear up and disposal rates and with it costs which will then be passed back to the public.

Cycle ramps .....
A couple of weeks ago we mentioned the kids who were digging large holes to gain material to make bike ramps in and around the park.  After some discussion at that time they said that they would come back on the 23rd and help in finding and implementing an alternative for them to use rather than leave large holes which somebody may trip over (or into).

Not really expecting them to keep their part of the bargain, especially the younger more vociferous one, we were there at 1:30 for a normal work session and there they were ready and waiting, eager to start.  The site for the ramp and its construction were discussed and work duly started.  By 3 o'clock the job was finished, including clearing scrub, finding and cutting suitable logs, fitting and covering with rubble and soil and compacting into place.  Expecting them to then disappear to use their new ramp leaving the tidying up, another surprise! they tested the ramp, pronounced it "excellent - thanks" and then proceeded to clear away the scrub, Bramble and rubbish, not stopping until all was completed.

Their attitude and effort was nothing short of spectacular and backs up what we have said in the past, if the effort put into "vandalism" for want of another description, could be channeled into constructive projects then so much else could be achieved.  Full credit must be given to these lads who kept their part of a bargain, putting right the damage that they had done and putting a lot of effort into constructing a new "approved" ramp.

During the course of the afternoon it turned out that the other "diggings" over the months were by the same pair plus others, one taking almost a week to accomplish and in their words was nowhere near as good as what they had made this afternoon.  The younger lad then proceeded to ask when we would next be in the park so that he could come along to help! - we will just have to wait and see if he turns up.

Lessons learnt on all sides I think, the main one, don't just jump in with both feet, ask first, discuss (but not at length), compromise (if needed), and you will get there in the end, with everybody happy.

No Fishing .....
The recovered "No Fishing" has now been repaired and a new large concrete anchor weight cast.  Proper fixings have been fitted ready for installation which should take place in February, probably on Sunday the 6th, depending on the weather and availability of a boat.

If you see any vandalism, damage or disturbance in the park, please do not get involved, but phone the Police on the usual numbers -

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