Wood Avens - Geum urbanum
Family - Rosaceae
Also known as - Herb Bennett, Clover–Root

A widespread and common hairy perennial growing over most of Europe, predominantly found growing in shady areas, woodland edges, clearings and roadsides, Wood Avens is a member of the Rose family with a bright yellow flowers 1–1.5cm (0.4–0.6in) across consisting of five petals.  It grows to about 50cm (20in), although where it grows in drier areas its growth can be restricted.  The seeds develop to a hooked capsule that is dispersed by getting caught on animal fur and clothing, the hooks are red in colour and look rather like those found on Velcro products.

FBCP do not advise or recommend that any part of Wood Avens is eaten or used medicinally.
It has been used medicinally, all parts of the plant are used, but especially the root, for treating diarrhoea, stomach upsets, irritable bowel syndrome and liver disorders.  Applied externally to treat various skin disorders, and as a gargle for throat infections.

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Wood Avens - Geum urbanum habit
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