Mahonia - Mahonia aquifolium flowers
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Mahonia - Mahonia aquifolium habit

Mahonia - Mahonia aquifolium
Family - Berberidaceae
Also known as - Oregon Grape Holly

A North American native evergreen shrub with spreading habit growing to 2m (6ft) in height and spread.  Grown for its foliage as a ground cover or specimen plant, from creeping rhizomes.  Dark green glossy spiky leaves similar in shape to Holly.  Yellow flowers appear April to May as a raceme, maturing to dark purple edible berries.

FBCP do not advise or recommend that Mahonia Mahonia aquifolium is eaten or used as an herbal remedy.   It can have fissured bark on some varieties.  Fruit is used to make a jam (jelly) but is not directly edible, and the roots are used in the treatment of psoriasis to good effect.  Recent research has shown Mahonia to have antioxidant and antifungal properties.

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