Lichen - Physcia adscendens
Family - Physciaceae

Lichen - Physcia adscendens, click for a larger image
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Many thanks to Fay Newbury at Reading University for the identification of this Lichen species – Physcia adscendens.

Narrow, grey thalli that often stick up from substrate.  Lots of dark whiskers called cilia.  Swellings occur at the ends of some lobes.  Occurs mainly on bark but can be found on other substrates.  Foliose lobes with long marginal cilia and usually with helmet–like soralia at the tips, apothecia shortly–stalked with blue–black or thinly pruinose discs.  Widespread and common on twigs, bark, walls and concrete, often in company with P. tenella and Xanthoria species as indicators of nitrogen enrichment.

Basic species description for Lichens, other Lichen species in Brickfields Park.

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