Hoverfly, Common Club fly - Syritta pipiens
Family - Syrphidae
Also known as - The Thick–legged hoverfly

This hoverfly is one of the most common hoverflies in the UK and is also is widespread and common in Europe, Asia, North Africa and North America.  It will be found in gardens, meadows, farmland and fields, essentially anywhere with flowers as their proboscises are very thin and are able to fit inside even the smallest flowers.  They are rarely seen in wooded areas.  It is a small species around 7–9mm (0.275–0.32in) long with a 4.25–7mm (0.167–0.276in) wing length, and will be seen flying from April through to September.

The common name of the Thick–legged hoverfly is rather obvious from its distinctive broad hind femora.  The females feed on pollen whilst the males eat nectar whilst the "rat tail" larvae feed on rotting organic matter.  They are an overall brown with large red eyes and a club shaped body that has the typical hoverfly "waisted" markings of an orange spot on both sides of the 2nd and 3rd abdominal segments, silver–grey in the female, however in most hoverflies these markings are black and yellow, mimicking various wasp species.

Hoverfly - Syritta pipiens, click for a larger image
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Hoverfly - Syritta pipiens, click for a larger image Hoverfly - Syritta pipiens, click for a larger image, photo licensed for reuse CCASA3.0
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