Hairy Brome - Bromopsis ramosa
Family - Poaceae
Was known as - Bromus ramosus

Hairy Brome - Bromopsis ramosa, click for a larger image, photo is in the public domain
Photo 2007 Leo Michels
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Hairy Brome is a perennial herbaceous Grass species in the family Poaceae, it is native to Europe, northwest Africa and southwest Asia, common in the UK nationally, particularly in the south and east of England.  A UK native in woods, wood–margins and hedgerows, it grows in shady areas and under trees with 1–2m (3–6ft) tall Culms with long drooping leaves, 20–50cm (8–19in) long and 10–15mm (0.4–0.6in) wide, and finely hairy.

A Hermaphroditic species, flowering from July to August and pollinated by the wind, pendulous arched panicle branches in pairs, with often purplish spikelets, containing up to eleven awned florets.  Originally Bromus ramosus, it has been renamed Bromopsis ramosa.  Hairy stems especially towards the bottom of the main stem.  Short rhizome root structure.

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