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Oysterling - Crepidotus ssp, click for a larger image
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Oysterling - Crepidotus ssp.
Family - Crepidotaceae

Crepidotus is a genus of fungi with around accepted 150 species and more described, of small fan shaped sessile fungus attached by a white tuft of mycelium.  Generally appearing Glabrous they may have very fine mycelia coating so appearing "furry".  The striated fruiting bodies 1–3cm (0.4–1.2in) across that are generally white but can be variable.  They have been extensively studied with descriptions of species from Europe, the Americas and other temperate areas.  They are saprobic mostly on the wood of hardwood trees.  "Crepidotus" means cracked ear whilst "hygrophanous" refers to the colour change of the mushroom's tissue as it loses or absorbs water.

Given the number in the genus and their similarity we believe those found in Brickfields Park are Crepidotus hygrophanus, however they could also be the Flat Oysterling – Crepidotus applanatus, Variable Oysterling – Crepidotus variabilis or Peeling Oysterling – Crepidotus mollis, as all are very similar needing microscopic examination of the spores for full identification.

FBCP do not advise or recommend that Oysterling – Crepidotus ssp. is eaten or used as an herbal remedy.   The Oysterling is not edible.

Oysterling - Crepidotus ssp., click for a larger image
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Oysterling - Crepidotus ssp., click for a larger imageClose window Oysterling - Crepidotus ssp., click for a larger image
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