Dung Fly - Scatophaga stercoraria
Family - Scathophagidae (Dung Flies)
Also known as - Golden Dung Fly

Dung Fly - Scatophaga stercoraria, click for a larger image
Photo ©2011
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A very aptly named species, Dung Fly larvae will be found in or on dung of both domestic and wild animals, whilst adult Dung flies are usually found close to larval development sites (IE dung) which can be just about anywhere; pastures, meadows, woodlands, beside water, parks, gardens, etc.

It mates on it, their eggs are laid on it, their larvae feed in it, and their pupae develop in the soil underneath it, adults feed on other insects.  Found in North America, Europe and Asia, adult males are bright yellow or golden, females are greyer, whilst both sexes have a very hairy body and legs.  There are four to five generations per year.

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