Dogwood - Cornus alternifolia, click for a larger image
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Dogwood - Cornus alternifolia, click for a larger image

Alternate–leaved Dogwood - Cornus alternifolia
Family - Cornaceae
Also known as - Green Osier

Cornus alternifolia is a deciduous three of the Dogwood family native to the eastern United States, also known as Green Osier or Pagoda Dogwood.  Rarely growing much above 7.5m (24ft) with a layered structure on more developed trees, pointed elliptic leaves 25–50mm (1–2in) wide and 50–130mm (2–5in) long dark green fading through brown to a dark brownish red in the autumn.  The ribbed leaves which are green above and more bluish and downy below, are arranged alternately, the only species in the Cornaceae family to do this.

Flowering in the spring as cymes 50–130mm (2–5in)across of multiple small four petaled flowers mature to black or dark blue berries around 8mm (0.3in) in diameter on short red stalks.   Popular as an ornamental planting the Silver Pagoda Dogwood cultivar spp. "Argentea" has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.

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